Con Photoshoots - Chatah Spots

For a limited time, I will be offering free photoshoots at Further Confusion 2018.

Please contact me on Telegram or Twitter @chatahspots to reserve a spot.


1. Each reserve spot is for 15-30 mins of time. 

 - Solo Photos, Group Photos, or Both.

 - Fursuit or non Fursuit photos.

2. Area subject to your choosing around con area.

 - Con Floor, Dance, Outside, Your Room, etc! 

3. Time and location subject to agreement.


It's Free!!! 

- If you insist, buy me a drink or be my friend 8D


Edits of your photos in my style with my tiny watermark at the bottom.

 - Originals on request

 - Turnaround is 1-2 days after the con ends



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